Common Situations Faced by HNW Clients

44% of advisors reported that their clients are unprepared for the financial impact of a significant life event, such as a sudden illness or death.

~ A survey by TD Wealth

80% of parents believe that it is important to pass down family values & life lessons along with their financial assets, which emphasizes the importance of legacy planning beyond just the financial aspects.

~ Survey by Fidelity Investments

70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation, & 90% lose it by the third generation. This can be due to a lack of proper planning & communication within the family.

~ A report by the Williams Group

Importance of Legacy & Wealth Planning Conversations


the importance of being aware of their options & potential risks


their financial security by protecting their assets & minimize taxes


a clear plan & ensure that their wealth is distributed according to their wishes

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Knowledge & Tools

Challenges in Starting a Legacy & Wealth Planning Conversation with Clients

S.E.A.T.S. – Solutioning Approach

Practice & Application

Case Study (Problem >> Solutioning >> Outcome)

  • Participants will collaborate in groups to apply their key learning by analyzing the assigned case and presenting their findings
  • 4 “Positioning” Cases:
    1. “Have your pie & eat it”
    2. “Estate equalization”
    3. “In case the stock market crashes”
    4. “Key man proposition”

Role Play (Rehearsals for Next Client Conversation)

  • Participants will bring their own case study of an upcoming client meeting, engage in a simulated conversation, and receive feedback to refine their skills

Transfer of Learning to Workplace

  • Participants leverage newly acquired knowledge and tools to set goals, plan for client interactions, and achieve successful outcomes

Workshop Dates (2023)

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Key Trainers

Dr. Carl Thong
Master Trainer

Carl is a seasoned learning and development thought leader with over 30 years of consulting experience. He has successfully completed 200+ assignments and facilitated over 1000 workshops on strategy, innovation, leadership, marketing, and sales.

Emmanuel Burot
Trainer & Facilitator

Emmanuel is a trainer, facilitator and coach with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry. His particular areas of interests are executive coaching, sales and negotiation skills, managing through change, leadership and business development and communicating effectively.

Penny Radcliffe

Penny is a senior consultant as well as a trainer at momenta with over 22 years of experience in banking and financial services. Her expertise lie in relationship management, consultative skills business development, coaching & mentoring.

Fiona Wong

Fiona has over 14 years of experience in finance, with 8 years dedicated to coaching and entrepreneurship. Her expertise lies in transformation work, investment banking, and executing strategies for large multinational firms.

IBF-STS Funding Quantum

[1] Individuals who (i) attend a course in the capacity of an instructor or facilitator, e.g. presenter / speaker / panelist, or (ii) civil servants are not eligible for IBF-STS funding.

[2] Direct training cost would be based on the gross course fee charged by the external training provider or apportioned basic salaries of internal staff involved in developing and/ or delivering in-house courses. Qualifying expenses include training costs incurred for both executive and non-executive staff, as well as staff employed on a short-term basis (less than one year, inclusive of contract staff and interns). Apportioned basic salaries of full time in-house trainers involved in developing and/or delivering in-house courses will also be eligible for support.

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