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Great leaders multiply blessings. Great organizations are built by great teams. Great teams are led by great leaders. We are in the business of building leaders.

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Leadership Growth with

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Powering Inspired Leaders™

momenta Group is the Global Partner of Blanchard in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia

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  • SLII®.Powering Inspired Leaders™
  • Blanchard Management Essentials®
  • Self Leadership
  • Coaching Essentials®
  • Building Trust
  • Leading People Through Change®
  • Leading Virtually™
  • Team Leadership
  • Legendary Service®
  • Courageous Inclusion™
  • Conversational Capacity®

Leadership Workshops with


*Accredited by the Institute of Banking & Finance of Singapore (IBF).

**Available in Indonesia.

  • Strategic Business Modeling & Planning Toolkit
  • Strategic Marketing Toolkit
  • Business Review & Planning: Diagnostics – Opportunities – Methodologies – Execution
  • High Performance Team – Driving an Excellence Culture
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)
  • Managing Gen Y – Increasing Multi-gen Engagement
  • Advance Leadership & Business Planning*
  • Leadership for Technical Professionals
  • CXO Boardroom Presentation Skills
  • Change Management – Practical Tips & Tools for Transformation
  • Trapologist™**
  • Strategic Innovation & Design Thinking Toolkit
  • 7 Strategies for Innovative Development**
  • Who Killed Creativity & How to Get It Back?**
  • Getting Things Done™**
  • Leadership Development with

    seven™ Leadership Assets

    seven™ is an integrated leadership formation and development framework.

    We design, customize and deliver world-class leadership development journeys.

    Interventions focus on seven leadership assets:

    • Values and mindset
    • Universal leadership competencies
    • Functional capabilities
    • Behavioral preferences and strengths
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Relational intelligence
    • Learning agility
    • Leadership & Management Series: Elevating Individual Performance
    • Driving Your Own Success: Self-Leadership Mastery
    • Strategic Innovation ToolkitLeadership
    • Strategic Business Acumen

    We co-create with our clients to bring a performance based approach to building leaders