Inspirational Dialogues For
Visionary Business Leaders

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Key Topic Discussion

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Carl Thong
Group Managing Director, momenta Group

Keynote Speaker

Key Topic Discussion

Eric Goh
Strategic Advisor, ex-MD Dell Singapore

Other Panelist

Donovan Tan

Digital Marketing Consultant

TG Tay

Master Trainer

Razy Shah

Digital Marketing Expert

Joseph Lee

Master Trainer

Daniel Lee

Acquisition Consultant

Event Recap

The Inspirational Dialogues for Visionary Business Leaders is a program that brings together successful business leaders from around the world to share their insights and experiences. The program is designed to inspire and motivate business leaders to think big and to take risks.

At its core, the program is more than just a platform for sharing insights and experiences; it is a sacred space for cultivating meaningful connections and forging lasting collaborations.

Through riveting keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and insightful panel discussions, the program goes beyond the realm of traditional learning. 

Key Learning Materials

Competencies Of An Entrepreneur

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