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How Do I Define Success In Impact Investing?

Written By : Association of Independent Wealth Managers (AIWM) Dec 12th, 2023 One of the questions we often get as an impact investor is “How do you define impact?” We have a simple answer, a name. Impact means real people with names experiencing “my life will never be the same” moments. It is about people’s… Read More Here!

From Novice to Master: Transforming Workforce Development with a Mastery-Based Curriculum

Core Learning Principles  The Core Learning Principles, which are the foundation of the proposed curriculum design, are informed by several key theories and research findings in the field of education and cognitive science. Three of these principles are described below. Deliberate Practice Deliberate practice is a key principle in skill acquisition and competency development. It… Read More Here!

Sell Yourself Before You Sell Products: Top Private Bankers Need These Skills

Relationship managers need to master digital skills, become intimate with their clients’ values, and better tailor their bank’s investment views if they are to reach their potential in 2023. That is according to Carl Thong, group managing director at Singapore-based momenta Group, a regional training platform for private bankers. In our second article featuring Thong, who… Read More Here!

Want to be a top private banker in 2023? You need these skills.

Do you have what it takes to be a high-performing private banker? With rising competition, increasing client sophistication and volatile markets, capturing and maintaining profitable clients is arguably harder than ever for private bankers in Asia-Pacific in 2023. Against that backdrop, it is essential that the region’s private bankers are equipped with the strategic, technical,… Read More Here!